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Helpful Tips to End Your Graduation Ceremony Right

Final Tips for the Graduation Coordinator on the Big Day

Congratulations! Your school’s graduation ceremony has been a success. As graduation coordinator, you should be proud, and probably a bit exhausted. Alas, the show isn’t over yet. There are some details you’ll want to complete before driving off into the sunset to celebrate a job well done.

Final Graduation Planning Tips 1

Refreshments After Ceremony

All ushers should guide attendees toward food and drinks while students give back their diploma covers and gowns. An ideal venue would be large enough to accommodate everyone sitting or standing while still adhering to fire codes

There should be multiple tables and areas for families and friends to find refreshments and take photographs. All catering staff should be cognizant of ceremony start and end times so they can get everything into place on time.

Another thing to consider is food allergies. Most schools do not serve food made with nuts as many students have peanut allergies. Remember to make refreshments handicap accessible.


Provide plenty of refreshments at your ceremony to allow ample time for conversation and festivities. If you want everyone to amscray, then you’ll probably want to leave this tip out.

Final Graduation Planning Tips 2

Congratulate Students and Parents

Staff should stand at the entrance to the refreshment area in addition to where students, families, and friends exit in order to congratulate recent graduates. It is important to leave on a high note and wish all graduates luck in their future endeavors.

This will positively close the day’s events as well as allow you to have a final word with some of your favorite students before they take the next big step in their lives. Students and families may wish to have photos taken with you, so be prepared to smile and be part of the memories!


Have teachers and staff congratulate students. Be sure to include those who have interacted most with the senior class this year.

Final Graduation Planning Tips 3

Attend to Guests and VIPs

After congratulating students, it’s also essential to take a moment to speak with your honorable guests and VIPs. Their time is valuable, and they chose to spend it with you and your school today.

Thank them for coming to the ceremony and make certain that they felt welcome during today.


Consider giving your VIPs and honored guests a small gift that will remind them of your school. It could be a t-shirt with the school mascot on it or even a framed photo of the school.

Final Graduation Planning Tips 4

Oversee the Cleanup Crew

Managing the cleanup crew is crucial. If you are renting an area for graduation that may isn’t on the college campus, make sure the appropriate cleanup procedures are in place.

Ensure extra programs, cups, plates, and food are cleaned up and thrown away as you do not want to leave a bad impression on the facility you rented. Moreover, some venues charge a fee if you leave it untidy as they will be trying to prepare for the next event. You should confirm the necessary cleanup protocol when making your venue reservations. This is critical.

Your cleanup should include trash removal as well. Sweep, mop and clean off tables to leave the place as you found it. Your school will want to leave the venue in spotless condition for the next group to use that area.


Always leave a site cleaner than you found it. Check that your cleaning crew completed this.

Final Graduation Planning Tips 5

Check Rented Chairs, Tables, Sound Systems, etc.

Finally, before sending back all of the rental equipment and materials, make sure everything is still in working condition. During sound check, you should note if anything was wrong with equipment to notify the rental company. You do this to ensure that your school doesn’t need to pay for any damages to the equipment that may have been the fault of another group renting the equipment before you.

It’s also smart to employ ushers to keep an eye on all of the equipment and materials throughout and after the ceremony. During cleanup is when you can pack things up and prepare them to be returned to the rental companies if they are not already arriving.


Confirm when rented equipment will be picked up and that it is the same condition you received it in.

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