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Deluxe Doctoral Hood with Gold Piping

Graduation day is always a very much awaited event by each and every student waiting for their lives to change. Therefore, one must always look their very best in their special day. During the graduation ceremony itself, there is a special part of the program that is commonly called the “turning of the tassel” ceremony. A lot of people have been quite wondering on what the significance of this ceremony implies to the graduates. In every graduation ceremony, there will always be a “turning of the tassel ceremony”. Many people keep on wondering as to where or why one should turn their graduation tassel left or right, and what this type of ceremony implies.

The turning of the tassel has been part of the whole graduation ceremony since centuries ago because of the significance it implies to each of the graduates. It simply symbolizes the transformation a mere candidate for graduation to being a full-fledged graduate. This is commonly initiated by the school principal or head master who inaugurates the graduate’s status.

Commonly, the tassel is worn along with the graduation caps. The graduation cap is made up of mortar board, with a flat square top placed above the crown of the graduation hat. The tassel is commonly situated at the topmost portion of the hat where it is securely placed in order to prevent it from falling off. The tassel is first situated on the candidate for graduation’s right hand side from the start of the graduation ceremony. Make sure that the tassel is placed at the proper position in order to promote uniformity until the turning of the tassel ceremony comes where the switching of the graduation tassel left or right is done. Seeing all candidates for graduation situating their tassels at their right hand side gives off a more polished look organized.

There are two ways in which the turning of the tassel ceremony is practiced. There are some institutions that prefer their graduates to turn their tassels all together or not. Commonly the tassel can be turned from the right hand side to the left hand side by the moment that the graduate receives their diploma. In some cases, a leader asks the candidates to turn their tassels from the right hand side to the left hand side all together with the other graduates.

Year after year, thousands of students finish their studies at the end of the school year. To symbolize the commencement exercise, a program for graduation is always practiced. It must be known to all that not everyone can enjoy the privilege of marching along with the other fellow graduates who have experienced the same type of hardships one has had during their 4 or 5 years of study in the same institution. Therefore one must always be proud and be thankful for to have reached that kind of achievement. Come graduation day, one must always kept graduation tassel in graduation tassel frame with pride.

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