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5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship

High school graduation is a life-changing moment. It marks a transition into adulthood, where many children move out of the house and become fully independent. Once the graduation festivities are over, summer will be in full swing, with college just around the corner. Now is the time to enjoy your friends and family, prepare for college life, and challenge yourself to learn new skills. Below, we’ve shared ten things to do the summer before college so that you can put your best foot forward!


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship 1

Build Your Resume

These days, a bachelor’s degree and a solid GPA aren’t enough to set you apart from your peers. Most employers are looking for someone with exposure to their industry, and an internship (or several) fulfills this requirement. As a recent graduate, you won’t have much job experience to list on your resume. Maybe a few summer jobs, some part-time gigs in school, and some volunteer work. That’s why an internship is so important for your job prospects – it gives you an edge when most graduates are completely green.


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship 2

Grow a Business Network

Next, an internship provides real opportunities to meet people in your desired industry, and work alongside them in some capacity. You might be stuck doing entry-level tasks for a while, but you’ll also have time to build relationships with full-time employees and managers. Moreover, if your student internship benefits them with a helping hand, they won’t forget it.


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship 3

Gain Real World Experience

How can you gain experience (i.e., get a job) when you don’t have much experience yet? Internships! Think of them as a bridge between academic and professional life. Most employers prefer to hire someone with experience, and an internship bridges the gap. When you’re in an internship, you get a crash course in the business, acquiring skills that can propel you to a full-time paid position.


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship 5

Preview Your Career

Typically, college courses are more theoretical than internships, because they rely on book learning and lectures. While this is extremely important for gaining knowledge, it may not fully prepare you for life in a profession. Internships give you a chance to see how an industry works, test it out, and make some academic changes if you don’t like the job.


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship 4

Get on the Hiring Track

There are numerous benefits of interning, but they’re all about getting your foot in the door. If you make a good impression during an internship, your hiring prospects at the company will skyrocket. Today, a huge percentage of entry-level hires are former interns, and that number continues to grow. We highly recommend taking on a couple of internships during your undergraduate life. You might not get paid, but in the long run, internships can have a substantial impact on your career path and earning potential.

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