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Custom Stoles, Rings and Graduation

Custom Stoles, Rings and Graduation

Upon fulfilling the different levels of education we go through in life, we mark that triumph by celebrating what we now call graduation. Graduation commemorates the continuing life of a student to a new chapter. Although, oftentimes we like looking back at the past to view our fond recollections and see how far we have gone. In the present, we try to achieve that by creating great memories from the things we do to the things we wear and the things we carry with us.

High school graduations are on top of the list of those things, a milestone in our school life and life in broad spectrum. On the day of or after the ceremony, trinkets are given, special emblems and customized garments such as custom stoles are worn and kept to remember this day. After having said that, graduation rings and custom stoles for high school graduation are often considered for the occasion. But did you ever stop and think about how that came to be a traditional graduation feat?

The practice of class rings started in 1835 at the United States Military Academy. The rings were to signify their unity as a class and serve as a tribute to the times they spent at the academy. The rings are also meant to symbolize the graduate himself / herself – the students’ motivation on elf-development while in the campus and learning to shape those skills for a wider use upon moving on the next level.

It is supposed to be worn with the insignia of the ring facing the bearer (while in school) to remind the students of their goal to graduate, and as soon as the bearer graduates the insignia should face outward to meet the viewer as it serves now as a “badge of honor.” Other than that, it was formerly worn on the left ring finger, which was adapted from the customs of the Anglo-American and the Jewish, to signify the cadet’s connection to his class and the academy.

As for the graduation stoles, it had surprisingly a slightly less critical implication in the olden times. It was originally just worn as a covering in the cold schools of the middle age. Throughout the duration of time, it has been used to identify the graduate’s scholastic degree, achievements, and affiliations in school. Like the rings, it is another reminder of your success.

Currently, academic stoles can become custom stoles as to add more value to it. Graduates try to incorporate more definition into it than just the symbolisms it serves. They become accessories and additional embellishments to graduation robes as well. 

Up until today, this tradition still flourishes mostly in high schools in the nation. However, as the world continues to evolve and the norms begin to change, people try to incorporate certain elements to fit the modern times. Custom stoles are preferred, rings are modified, and tradition becomes novel, nevertheless we do not forget what the significance of these things are. The personalized class rings and custom stoles become not just a memorabilia but a legacy filled with sentimental value.

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