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Composition of Graduation Regalia Professor

Composition of Graduation Regalia Professor

The graduation ceremony is as important to the candidates as it is to the professors. There is no question to the contribution that these hardworking individuals imparted to their students. They say that teaching is like supplying knowledge, and indeed it is. Professors guide students to the right path and share with them the experiences and lessons that life has to offer. It’s not only the students that are required to wear the academic regalia during the commencement exercise, professors, especially those that have a higher position in the university, are mandated to wear an academic regalia. The formal event is not only filled with the student’s academic costumes but with graduation regalia professor as well.

The graduation regalia professor is similar to that of the academic regalia fashioned by graduating students. During the event, they are required to wear an academic gown and hood. The academic hood would represent the faculty member’s highest degree. In some occasions, the professors would wear their academic hats, alongside the other academic items. But there are also instances that these would not be necessary, depending on the rules dictated by the institution.

So principally, the graduation regalia professor is made up with the three basic graduation items: the academic robe, hood and hat. The shades of these academic gowns are usually under the preference of the university. The school would require a particular academic gown to be worn by those faculty members that had obtained the title of PhD. Also, the color of the tassels is within the preference of the school also but in most instances, this would customarily come in the shades of gold. Like that of the standard graduation hood worn by students during the event, the professors with a PhD also exhibit their academic accomplishments with these hoods. 

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It has the same overall structure as that of a regular academic hood. It is composed of four main parts: the black shell, velvet trim, linings and chevrons. The black shell is basically the main fabric of the item and it comes in a standard black shade. The velvet trim corresponds to the degree of discipline that the professor acquired. The lining and the chevron both represent the school color that conferred it, both the first and second color of the school respectively. Faculty members who had acquired a bachelor’s and master’s degree also wear their respective hoods and tassels which are usually in black shade.

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