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Choosing The Perfect College Graduation Stole

Choosing The Perfect College Graduation Stole

A graduation ceremony is an event wherein students do not only gracefully finishes schooling but also a venue to award certain accomplishments and recognize people who have greatly made an impact whether academically or socially during their stay in the university. There are many different ways of awarding these outstanding graduates, they may be done by giving them certificates, plaques, trophies and medals. Aside from these tokens, another way of identifying an awardee would be by giving them academic stoles to wear during the whole ceremony.

A college graduation stole is an important garment that is included in the traditional academic regalia. Stoles, like an academic hood come in different colors and designs; it distinguishes a graduates’ award or organization which it belongs. Stoles also vary depending on the rank of degree one will be earning. Unlike graduation hoods which represent the field of study of a graduate, graduation stoles are used to represent a certain award or a particular organization.

A lot of people has asked what a college graduation stole is for. History of stoles can tell that they were once used solely for protection from the elements and are used by priests way back then, but their significance and use have changed enormously over the years. From being a garment worn by priests, they have evolved to be the established attire signifying academic achievements or higher level of learning during graduation. 

When choosing for college graduation stoles, it is best to follow such tips as they are the common factors which determine if the garment is worthy to be bought:

When purchasing graduation stoles, always make sure to evaluate the design which you would want the wearer to carry. Most stoles, if given for a certain group of people in an organization, will pick out a design that will represent their group. They generally base the design on their organization’s color scheme of their logo. On the other hand, there are some colors which are reserved for certain awards. Colors like gold, silver and bronze are normally reserved for stoles which are given away to graduates with academic honors.

Good design may affect the way the stoles will represent your organization and award, however, quality should never be compromised in choosing the perfect stole. They should be made out of fine materials, as great fabrics will improve the appearance of the stoles. Besides, everyone would have to agree when we say that no one wants to wear stoles which are not sewn properly and easily damaged. If that would happen, it would surely destroy such wondrous moment.

Aside from it having a great design and made out of quality materials, a good graduation stole should be affordable. Although cost will have to depend with how intricate the design and the fabrics being used to make the stole, it would then be the discretion of the buyer to evaluate well whether the garment is worth to bought despite the price.

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