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Bachelor's Clothing Features of Yale University

Bachelor's Clothing Features of Yale University

In the graduation year of the year, he was busy and stumbled. The college time rushed away. The graduation ceremony was probably the most important early summer memory for each graduate. At the last moment of separation, we must also wave to the United States and the United States.

In the United States, the bachelor service culture can be traced back to the colonial period. It is deeply influenced by the ceremonial traditions of European universities and has gradually developed a set of uniform academic dress rules. However, even if there are regulations, not every school will strictly abide by it.

More schools will join their different campus culture elements on the basis of traditional regulations to form a unique "graduation suit."

Yale University: Environmentalists

At a glance, Yales bachelor's uniform is also very commonplace. There is no fancy design, and the use of different colors of cloth linings represents the graduates' different fields of study. Ph.D. students can wear a classic Yale Blue, similar to Harvard's robe. It may be because the royal blue is deeper and it is not as fat as it is red.

However, the bachelor's service at Yale University is not new in style, but 100% of each person's robe is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The significance is extraordinary, making the wonderful moment more sacred.

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