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Avoid Graduation Mishaps: Pick The Right Academic Regalia

Avoid Graduation Mishaps: Pick The Right Academic Regalia

As your graduation day approaches, the need for you to find your academic regalia to be worn on that day becomes very overwhelming.  Let us be honest, graduating whether in kinder, high school, college or doctoral is probably the biggest event in your life; it marks the end of a chapter in a life of a student and the start of a new one. And to symbolize such event, such an accomplishment, it is therefore important that you wear the most appropriate and chosen graduation gown, cap and hood.

You do not want to arrive in the ceremony missing a cap or hood now, would you?  Or even having mismatching ones! You have to prepare ahead of time to look for the appropriate academic regalia to wear. For those who do not have enough time to do so, there are a few advices that can help you in making the right decisions. Although for some, wearing the right academic regalia does not seem important, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to what you are wearing on your most special day.

Lescapsgown focuses on creating the perfect graduation ceremony for you.

Graduation day is considered to be one of the greatest and happiest memories to look back to. That is why you have to make every second of worth remembering. You have to look at your best, feel at your best, and be at your BEST!And to be at your BEST, here are some tips to make sure that you pick the right academic regalia:

It is essential that you verify the correct size of the graduation gown for you. It should fit perfectly. Make sure that it is not too airy or too loose. If it is, you should exchange it for the one that does.

Before buying or renting the gown, be sure to also check for the cap, cord, and stoles. The accessories should match well the distinction being given and of course, your degree. For example, stoles and cords come in different colors. 

Remember that the purpose of choosing and looking ahead of time is to be sure that you will be at your most perfect self during the ceremony. So while you are at it, be sure to choose your overall graduation attire too. Keep in mind that you must look your very best-projecting the achievements you have attained through the years. This is most essential to doctoral graduates who have waited for so many years to march on the stage and receive their most awaited reward, their PhD degree.

Again, be sure to make this graduation day one of your happiest memories by feeling and looking good!

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