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Attire for Success: Graduation Regalia Masters

Attire for Success: Graduation Regalia Masters

Meeting another big day of academic life is impressive. Everyone is so happy in achieving a degree, how much more if one has sharpened the skills acquired in the undergraduate studies- that’s getting the masters degree diploma. One for sure will be so proud in wearing the graduation regalia masters for one has conquered the tremendous battle of mind and emotion. One has passed all the sleepless nights just to study and finish the mountain-high paper works. It would really worth the effort! Preparing the big event of one’s life needs to be done properly. One must expand the knowledge on the graduation regalia size to be used on that occasion. What are the must-to-know things about it?

The graduation regalia masters in United States are similar to Oxford in United Kingdom. The only difference is the manner of wearing it and its sleeves. The master’s gown has its length until mid-calf or up to the ankle. Its sleeves are shaped into oblong which has a square cut behind it. They use square instead of the pointed one. In front of the oblong-shaped sleeve, there is an arc with a slit used for the wrist opening. The graduation regalia masters could be worn open or closed. There are some institutions that modify the traditional academic dress. For instance, the Harvard University put some embroidered patches on the cloth that indicates a color for a certain degree. It is located on the chest portion of the black academic gown. In Boston University, instead of having the black robe, they are using red.

The regalia masters would not be complete without the hoods. These hoods come in various colors that represent different fields of disciplines. They are being mentioned in the Academic Costume Code. The holders usually wear a simple shape hood with a split salmon cut.

In some universities placed the hood ceremoniously upon the candidates. The graduation hoods for this degree should be 3.5 ft. in length. The placing of hoods may vary from one institution to another. Some school or college has the ‘self-hood’ en masse at a certain time during the commencement ceremony. There should only be one graduation regalia masters hood to be worn at any given time. The Academic Costume Code does not allow the mixing and matching of these graduation hoods. Only the regalia that represent the highest degree achieved are usually worn even there are already many degrees attained by the bearer.

These are the important points one must know about graduation regalia. Selecting the correct style, color, and fit for the academic dress is a big factor. There’s no excuse of getting a mistake in choosing the right one is. Have the best out of it for it only happens some time in one’s life. Take note of “Carpe diem”, which means ‘seize the moment’. One must be reminded with this because everything will not fall again accordingly. The situation might happen again, one can earn another master’s degree, but the whole scenario will be different. It will not repeat all the sequence of events.

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