Academic Regalia Rental: Good or Bad Idea? Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Academic Regalia Rental: Good or Bad Idea?

Academic Regalia Rental: Good or Bad Idea?

Being part of the faculty in an academic institution also requires you to put on your Graduation garbs during Graduation ceremonies. The faculty actually has to wear their Academic Regalia at least twice a year for the fall and spring Graduation. In this case is an Academic Regalia Rental good? Renting may be the initial thing a faculty member would do since it is only needed twice a year, but buying a brand new one and keeping it for personal use may actually be the best thing to do. Here is why:

1.) Personal Reasons- Let us not forget that an academic regalia  rental consists of the gown, cap, and hood you should wear for Graduation. Well sure you can find and rent one but it may turn out disappointing. We cannot be sure if the certain Academic Regalia rental had been used many times already and went through a lot of rough hands that tarnished the quality and sturdiness of the fabric. There may be damaged stitches, stubborn stains, mildew, and bad odor or worse, the attire itself is already faded in color.

2.) Economic Reasons- Well if you avail of an Academic Regalia rental twice a year for as long as you are a faculty professor or instructor, the cost of it may be bigger than actually just buying your own one. With a brand new one, you can keep it for yourself and use it every Graduation ceremony. It would not look faded or old since you are the only one using it and if you give it proper care, it will always look like brand new!

Acquiring and keeping your own Academic Regalia is a better idea than just availing an academic regalia rental. For one, it is more personal since it is only yours and second, it will save you a lot of money since you only have to acquire it once, unlike renting which you have to go through again and again each time Graduation is near. The quality of the clothing is also preserved at its best because it would not be too overused and the clothing is taken with appropriate care if you let it.

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