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Academic Hoods And The Regalia

Academic Hoods And The Regalia

One of the most important things that a candidate for graduation must procure for the upcoming graduation ceremony will be the academic regalia which is the official garb of both candidates and the special members of the faculty of the academe. The graduation ceremony is one momentous occasion that no one in the whole academe should miss. This occasion calls for everybody’s attention and participation since this day would mark the end of the school year and symbolizes another year of successfully producing sound individuals that have accomplished all the requirements of the candidates’ respective colleges. This is the day when all those who have succeeded through years of education get recognized and acknowledged for their dedication to their academic success. The ceremony itself is one big academic tradition and this tradition has been practiced practiced for hundreds of years. Since this is one big tradition, it comprises of many practices and one of them is the donning of the academic hoods which is traditionally done, in some countries, by the parents or parent of the candidate. Basically, the parent will be the one to place the hood on the candidate and this will become a part of the regalia. This is done right before the candidates march to the venue and this symbolizes that the candidates are now fully ready for the program proper. 

The whole graduation ceremony is somewhat a solemn occasion that must be observed with the utmost respect to its status as a very old tradition of the schools and the universities nationwide. It is a celebration of academic excellence and higher academic achievement. This is where individuals who have strived hard for the academics will be recognized and acknowledged by the whole academe. The ceremony, after all, is more than the sum of its components. The ceremony is more than the sum of all academic dresses, academic hoods, graduation caps and tassels. Its importance encompasses all the people who were involved in your holistic improvement during your stay in the university or school. 

Now, the critical part of the graduation preparation is doing all the necessary things for it to be perfect. There are many things to be attended and one of the most important entities that you, as a candidate, should prioritize is looking for your academic regalia. Remember that the regalia consist of the academic dress, the hood, the cap and the tassel. It is advised that you start looking for your academic regalia as early as you can in case your university will not provide you with one since there will be many people who will be vying for the same set of regalia especially if it is already high time for graduation season. Meaning, even the academic hoods could reach its peak of scarcity.

It is important that you have to be mindful of the time allotted for you to look for your regalia and never miss the opportunity to go on shop hunting for the best supplier of the academic dress. Survey all the academic hoods since this is the part of the regalia that must be very specific to the colors prescribed by your college.

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