A Step By Step Guide in Wearing The Academic Regalia Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

A Step By Step Guide in Wearing The Academic Regalia

A Step By Step Guide in Wearing The Academic Regalia

As we graduate and step out in college, we have got so many preparations to do before finally arriving to that moment where we take a bow and proudly receive our diploma. Such preparations keep students busy days or even weeks before the graduation ceremony. One preparation which is needed to be done is purchasing or reserving, in some cases, the academic regalia which will be worn by the graduates during the graduation ceremony. 

It has been learned from our previous article entitles The Different Garments in a Regalia Academic that the graduation attire does not just entirely consist of one piece of clothing, but rather it is made up of couple of garments which has its own particular way to be worn and has its own symbolism. Having known the different pieces of the garments, it is just right for us to know how these garments should be properly worn. This would prevent us from being ridiculed due to improperly wearing the garments mistakenly.

This article will guide you through the steps on academic regalia wearing properly. Follow the steps on how each graduation item is worn to prevent disastrous situations and ensure that you will be able to look your best during the graduation ceremony.

Graduation gowns

The first garment that should be worn from the academic regalia would be the graduation gown. They are worn over the prescribed graduation attire by the school (this could either be a dress or a long sleeved button down shirt) and are then fastened with a button, zipper or ropes. An important reminder on wearing graduation gowns would be making sure that you are wearing the gown on its correct side. The front of the gown would often have embroideries on them while you will be able to distinguish its back side because of the tag.

Graduation Hoods

Probably the most difficult garment among the items included in the academic regalia would be the graduation hood. Depending on the kind of ceremony that the university has prepared, some schools do not require the graduates to wear them beforehand while others can have them worn already upon entering the ceremony venue.

When wearing the graduation hood, they should just be able to hang just around the shoulders. Like the graduation gown, make sure that the hood is placed on its right position. The hood should hang right at the back while the front should somehow form a v-shape. In addition, secure the hood by fastening it to the graduation gown using safety pins. This would prevent the hood from falling while the graduate is moving.

Graduation Caps

Graduation caps may come in different types depending on the degree that the person will be graduating with. For square academic caps, they should be worn in a diamond shape where the pointed area would be pointing with the same direction as what the wearer would be facing. The tassel should hang from the left since this would then be flipped over to the right during the ceremony. To ensure that the cap would not fall from its place, one can secure them on the head using bobby pins.

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