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3 Tips to Save Money for Your Masters Graduation

3 Tips to Save Money for Your Masters Graduation

Graduation days are truly special events. For one thing, every graduation gets better and more important. A high school graduation, for example, is more special than your grade school ceremony, while the graduation day you had in university when you received your associate or bachelor’s degree is even more memorable. 

A masters graduation day will top them all, and that’s why you may think it’s perfectly fine to spare no expense in getting ready for it. However, there is still no reason to not try and save money whenever you can. Check out our three tips below on how to stay practical on preparing for that special day so you can enjoy yourself to the full and not empty your bank account.

Consider renting instead of buying

Most universities nowadays offer the choice of selling academic regalia to their graduating students, and it is not surprising that a masters graduation attire will be more expensive than a bachelor’s academic regalia. The difference between masters’s vs. bachelor’s graduation gown lies in the style and the materials. A bachelor’s attire is far simpler. The robe uses less material and a plainer fabric, whereas a masters robe is often more elaborate and made out of expensive velvet or silk. The academic hoods and graduation caps are also more stylish.

Opt for bulk orders

If you've decided that you want to buy your own hood, try collaborating with your fellow graduates on purchasing a bulk order so that the individual price will be much lower. This will also work for graduation robes and caps. The best time to buy academic regalia is at least a week before the graduation day, and this is because the shop you are ordering the garments from will not be as hassled as they will be if you will order a day or two before the event. This way, you can also check that your graduate attire are in perfect condition and will fit you perfectly.

Universities can also order all the academic regalia they need from Lescapsgown 

by bulk. This means tahat the university itself can save money, and naturally when they sell the garments to the students, the prices will be even more reasonable.

Send online invitations for your graduation celebration

Your family, relatives, and friends will definitely be glad to hear that you are receiving your degree, and let them know about the upcoming graduation day by contacting them online. Most people use the Internet nowadays anyway, so make full use of it. This will save you money and from having to go through the hassle of buying stationery and mailing them to different addresses. Just make sure you email them a good week before your graduation ceremony. This will ensure that those who live out of town will have enough time to schedule and plan for their trip.

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