Warsaw Warsaw International Textile Fabrics and Apparel Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Warsaw Warsaw International Textile Fabrics and Apparel Exhibition

FAST TEXTILE is the largest and most professional textile and garment industry exhibition in Central Europe. It is held once a year. The Polish Textile Exhibition will attract leaders from neighboring European countries and buyers from all over the world to come and exhibit. The international manufacturers participating in this exhibition are from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

FAST TEXTILE is a professional textile international exhibition, including textile machinery, textiles, home textiles, surface accessories, yarns, clothing and accessories. Turkish exhibitors have been exhibiting more than 1,000 square meters for two consecutive years. This year Pakistan, China, Germany, etc. will be exhibiting in the form of national pavilions.

The textile and garment industry has a very important position in Poland. According to the Polish Textile and Apparel Association, in 2010, Polish textile and apparel turnover reached 10.8 billion euros, including 7.1 billion textiles and 3.7 billion garments. Its export value was 9.7 billion euros, while imports amounted to 11.6 billion euros. In 2010, The EU exports textiles and clothing to Poland amounting to 5.6 billion euros; Germany is still Poland's largest textile and apparel trading partner, and German HUGO BOSS and BETTY BARCLAY products account for a large proportion of the Polish sales market.

Poland has a huge demand for the textile market. China's textile products import share in Poland has increased from 11.2% in 2004 to 25.11% in ten years. At present, China has become the largest import source of Polish textile and apparel products. The Polish garment processing industry now has 46,000 businesses, 90% of which are private companies. Although the Polish clothing industry is still fragmented, even the largest producers account for only a few percent of the market, but the industry plays a pivotal role in the entire Polish economy and is an opportunity for Chinese textile companies of a certain size. According to the statistics of the Polish Statistical Office, the annual growth rate of textile and clothing consumption in Poland exceeds 5%.

Poland's demand for accessories is first and foremost Poland is a strong country in furniture production. The local furniture has high productivity, relatively low labor costs, and many furniture processing. Many international furniture brands have set up factories in Poland, and the demand for fabrics in the furniture processing process is large. Secondly, Poland is currently revitalizing its textile manufacturing industry, so there is a huge demand for fabrics. For example, the Indian company has built a huge fabric market in the Rhodes region with a view to importing a large number of textile fabrics from China and India to provide local garment manufacturing.

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