Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition

The Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition is a textile and accessories exhibition that is approved by the International Exhibition Union (UFI) in Vietnam and has become a well-known brand exhibition for the textile industry in Vietnam. Attracted 656 companies from 22 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, namely China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Canada, Austria, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Britain and Vietnam. The number of exhibitors and booth area increased by 30% and 15% respectively, and more than 20,000 visitors attended the event. Under the economic crisis, the Southeast Asian market, such as Vietnam, continues to maintain its momentum of development.

Vietnam's textile and apparel exports have achieved remarkable success in the past few years. Total exports have soared by one billion U.S. dollars compared with 2003. After joining the WTO, Vietnam is committed to becoming the world’s major exporter of textiles and clothing. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the Vietnamese government has adopted a number of new development policies. For example, billions of dollars will be invested each year to achieve "economic industrialization and modernization." At the same time, private companies are also striving to modernize their production facilities by investing more funds. Vietnam needs to invest more than US$3 billion in huge amounts each year to purchase advanced equipment and technology.

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