Ukraine Kiev International Textile Fabrics Fashion Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Ukraine Kiev International Textile Fabrics Fashion Exhibition

Kyiv Fashion, the largest textile and textile fashion exhibition in Ukraine, is the largest exhibition of light industrial textiles in Ukraine. It is a Ukrainian exhibition of UFI (International Fair Alliance).

With the growth of the Ukrainian economy, the demand for light industrial textiles, fabrics and finished garments in the Ukrainian market has increased year by year, while domestic production enterprises are lagging behind, and large apparel fabric companies are few and far behind. The exhibition has attracted more and more attention from peers. .

The aim of the exhibition is to bring together representatives from the global textile and apparel industry to help exhibitors and visitors find good partners to connect Ukraine with the global textile market.

At the exhibition, you can learn about the status and prospects of the textile industry in the Ukrainian market and participate in various seminars in the textile industry.

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