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Turkish International Textile Exhibition & Turkish Textile Accessories Exhibition

In 2016, there were 416 exhibitors, from 29 countries, the number of visitors: 40,816, from 65 countries and regions, pavilion facilities: 80,000 square meters of indoor area; 12 pavilions; 3,500 parking spaces; 7 restaurants; 11 private Frequency of meeting rooms: two years

Turkey is the world's third largest garment exporter, with textiles and clothing accounting for 5.5% of GDP; industrial output accounting for 17.5%; manufacturing output accounting for 19%; and textile and apparel industry accounting for 21% of national manufacturing. . Turkey's textile industry is developed and is one of the pillar industries. 70% of its textile products are exported to foreign countries, and its exports account for 39% of the total value of foreign trade exports, with an annual export of 10 billion US dollars. The Turkish textile and apparel equipment market has always been a "place for military strategists." Imported products are easily sold in Turkey and can be sold at higher prices. In recent years, the Turkish government has continuously increased its investment in the textile industry, and the annual equipment purchases have grown steadily, which is in stark contrast to the decline in purchases in most other countries and regions. Mr. Bülent ünal, CEO of TüYAP, said: “The exhibition provides a very important platform for Turkey and the surrounding garment manufacturing countries. The audience is over 40,000 people.” ünal pointed out that the garment industry has always been the driving force of the Turkish economy, with a large export volume. Numerous employment opportunities. The Sewing Machinery Exhibition has made an important contribution to the development of the industry. Turkey cannot lose garment manufacturing, and the industry provides employment opportunities for 2.5 million people. "The world population is about to reach 7 billion, and the demand for ready-made garments is naturally on the rise. To this end, Turkey should adopt good management methods and savvy policies to restrain sales of assets at ridiculous prices, but should maintain its high value, invest in training employees, expand employment opportunities, and prevent high interest rates from plundering wealth. Only when we put our national interests in personal gains and losses, can we become more respected and stronger in the region only if our government and non-government agencies do not take opportunism and make smart and constructive decisions. a country with better influence. ”

Market Advantage 

Turkey has a unique geographical location across Asia and Europe and is closely linked to the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Middle East, making it one of the most prosperous trade centers in the world. It is very easy for merchants in the Middle East and Central Asian countries to apply for a visa to Turkey, and for businessmen in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the cost of business in Turkey is very low.

Turkish textiles contribute a lot to the country’s economy. Industrial exports reached $15 billion and imports reached $6 billion. Among the imported products, textiles such as fiber, yarn and cloth account for a large share. In 2005, textile exports reached nearly 4.8 billion US dollars.

Turkey is the tenth largest textile supplier in the world. The EU countries are the traditional markets for Turkish textiles and clothing. Turkey is the sixth largest cotton producer in the world with a production of 900,000 tons.

Transportation from Turkey to major European countries takes only 6-11 days. The Turkish textile industry values overall quality management. Most textile companies are ISO9001 or ISO9002 certified.

Turkey has a customs union with the European Union. Turkey is market-oriented and values the establishment of free trade zones and industrial free zones. There are currently 19 free zones in operation.

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