South Africa Cape Town International China Textile Boutique Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

South Africa Cape Town International China Textile Boutique Exhibition

The China South Africa Textile Boutique Exhibition is held once a year and is only open to professional visitors. Every year, a large number of buyers and manufacturers from Africa, Europe and the United States and other places come to discuss the purchase. Due to the large scale of the consumer market in South Africa and the advantages of exemption from import quotas, it has long been the main market for textiles and light industry in countries all over the world. The exhibition has strong professionalism and outstanding trading results.

From 2016 onwards, the show will cooperate with the only African and African region's largest textiles and footwear exhibition, Cape Town, International Footwear and Textile & Apparel Exhibition (ATF) in South Africa. It will be exhibited in the same period and shared with Africa. More than 5,000 professional buyers and manufacturers from the United States, Europe and other places came to visit and negotiate purchases, and committed to exporting all kinds of excellent textile surface accessories, clothing and apparel, home textile products, shoes, hats and bags to Africa. Countries and other parts of the world. The cooperation between ATF and CPT is an important measure for the industry to lay out an article in Africa. From the scale and level, it will enhance cooperation with South Africa's textile and apparel trade and production capacity, and it will be a good bridge for enterprises to explore the African market.

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