Seoul International Autumn Fashion Week Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Seoul International Autumn Fashion Week Exhibition

Asian fashion event

The biggest fashion festival in South Korea every spring and fall is Seoul Fashion Week! Seoul Fashion Week has come to a successful conclusion. Compared to previous years of tepidness, this Seoul Fashion Week is showing higher exposure than ever on social networks through social software such as Instagram. Among them, there are not only a large number of Korean idol star's strong supporters, but also those who are more eye-catching are the young Koreans in the off-street photo shoot. There are thousands of street photos on Instagram's hot search #SeoulFashionWeek. Praise and comment, on the other hand, South Korea's fashion and creative forces have gradually emerged in the international arena, and Seoul Fashion Week has become increasingly professional and international.

Purchasing Shengdi Dongdaemun Garment Wholesale Market and Dongdaemun Design Plaza are just across the street. One side is the home base of "Korea purchasing" apparel, the originator of the Korean-style street clothing represented by the midnight doota building, and the other is a modern building with a full line of tension and Seoul Fashion Week representing Korea's top fashion design forces; from the streets From fashion to haute couture, at Dongdaemun, the illusions of Korea's fashion come together. Through Seoul Fashion Week, we can more directly understand the trends and developments in South Korea and even Asia and the specific needs of the market, help improve the technical content of products, adjust and improve the product structure, lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, and also improve exports. Ensure that the export direction is normal.

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