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Paris International Winter Fabric Show

The organizers of the exhibition did not blindly follow the plan of expanding the exhibition for the benefit of the masses. They always insisted on the stability and increase of the number of visitors per square meter, increased the demand for high-quality professional buyers, and ensured reasonable exhibitors and customer share. And then guarantee the quality of the professional audience. In addition to the press propaganda, the exhibition logo and the professional audience to watch the road, it is also very common for the Chinese exhibitors to stand up and the exhibits are not in line with the common habits of European buyers. The organizers donated funds to the French professional mall staff. On the exhibition day, the company was taught to properly settle the booth to learn the habits of European buyers. More than 20 Chinese exhibiting companies in the field have been significantly settled by the professional planners of France. Exhibitor questionnaire analysis flashed, more than 80% of exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the quality of the fair, middle and high-level men's wear, children's wear, scarves, fashionable clothing accessories and women's clothing with a sense of planning, especially for European shopping malls And the outstanding company's participation in the exhibition is particularly obvious, and some companies that have been exhibiting for many years now have adopted the exhibition as a fixed channel for their pioneering European shopping malls. French clothing fabric shopping malls French clothing shopping malls have three types of companies.

Simply summarized as: companies specializing in garment processing (115); companies specializing in the distribution of garment processing outsourcing contracts (203); companies engaged in garment processing and apparel processing outsourcing contracting (276) . Because of economic globalization, labor-intensive industries such as garment processing will continue to shift from developed countries to developing countries. Under such a set of circumstances, French clothing companies had to transfer their production bases to low-cost labor malls in China and Southeast Asia, which led to the company specializing in processing outsourcing contract distribution, and also led to the large French domestic garment processing company. Scale reduction. There is a trend in French clothing companies today. They are primarily engaged in the planning and sale of tailoring goods. As for the processing of goods, they are contracted to foreign companies (mostly Chinese companies) to complete. The garments they outsourced are not only sold in the French hometown, but also 30% to 50% of the garments are exported to other EU member states. These characteristics will determine the way Chinese clothing companies enter French clothing stores and influence the sales strategy after entering French shopping malls.

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