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Paris, France International Trade Fair for Textiles

The French Paris clothing and textile label trade exhibition was founded in 1984. From the outset, the exhibition was positioned as a professional “Fashion Branding Trade Show”. The main customers faced include business leaders, purchasing directors of product directors, and designers. The FATEX exhibition is highly professional, with a wide range of exhibits and a wide range of products. It is suitable for production and processing export companies and professional foreign trade companies. The exhibition is a source procurement fair and does not focus on the promotion of the brand, but focuses on its own processing and supply capabilities. Since November 2001, the exhibition has been held in the same exhibition hall with INTERSELECTION, another famous French fashion show, in the same period in November of each year. The alliance of the two exhibitions has achieved the purpose of sharing with merchants, making the strength of the two exhibitions increase simultaneously. As the top industry exhibition event in Europe, the two exhibitions are held together for the same period, which brings together manufacturers, subcontractors and buyers from all over the world. This is very helpful for merchants to choose to order and compare orders.

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