New York Summer International Fashion Fabric Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

New York Summer International Fashion Fabric Exhibition

Texworld, the New York Summer International Apparel Fabrics Fair, is one of the largest apparel fabric buyers on the East Coast, one of the procurement activities for product development experts, designers, buyers and procurement professionals. Texworld USA is an international business platform that doesn't miss out on industry events, covering a wide range of products across the fabric range, discovering innovative structures, blends of materials and surprising palettes of textiles.

The exhibition employs department stores, wholesalers, large chain stores and overseas acquisition professionals from various countries and regions to provide the best communication path for textile suppliers and professional buyers from all over the world, for exhibitors and business visitors. To provide more value-added effectiveness, we can see all kinds of high-quality and reasonably priced latest popular textile products at the exhibition.

Now, the annual per capita fiber consumption in the United States spans 20 kilograms. More than 80% of the textiles and clothing are imported from foreign countries. It is the world's largest importer of textile clothing, and China is the chief textile and clothing exporter to the United States. One of the countries. Therefore, to understand and analyze the cost and import characteristics of the malls in the United States, so that the company can learn from each other's strengths and become more and more competitive. Following the completion of the bundling of Chinese textile products by the United States, the export company understands that the primary varieties and characteristics of Chinese textile and apparel fabrics in the United States are the mainstay. U.S. clothing is seasonally significant during the year. U.S. textile and apparel imports are seasonally significant. The highest import volume in the year is August, and the lowest is generally in February or March. A comparison of US clothing imports and US clothing retail sales found that the most imported clothing in the United States was postponed for four months in August, that is, December was the highest month for clothing retail sales, due to Christmas, New Year’s Day and other major events in December. Festivals, gathering consumption is markedly strong. In August, the import of garments made enough supply for the retail of December. The proportion of textile and garment finished cotton products was stable. The proportion of pure cotton products in the import of textiles and garments was different from that of pure cotton products and textiles. Reverse relationship.

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