Munich International Textile Fabrics and Garment Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Munich International Textile Fabrics and Garment Exhibition

Germany is located in the heart of Europe and the exhibition industry is developed. MUNICH FABRICSTART and MODA IN and the French PV Show are also known as the top three European accessories exhibitions. Since its inception in 1996, it has been held twice a year in Munich. At the September 2016 exhibition, more than 1,000 face and accessory companies from 37 countries participated in the exhibition, a record high, attracting nearly 20,000 quality buyers to visit. “Different” is the acclaim of each manufacturer for the Munich Fabric Show. The exhibition combines a wealth of in-house information and personalized service. It is the preferred exhibition in the German textile market, and its buyers are of high quality. Due to the industry influence of the “Munich Fabric Exhibition” for many years, in addition to the German mainland, a large number of high-quality buyers from all over Europe, including the rapidly developing Eastern European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Russia, have come to purchase.

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