Mexico Guadalajara International Shoes & Fabrics Fair, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Mexico Guadalajara International Shoes & Fabrics Fair

The Guadalajara International Shoes and Fabrics Exhibition in Mexico has been held for 34 years. With the support of international and domestic companies, the exhibition has grown bigger and bigger. Today it has grown into a professional, free, and trade fair in Mexico that is the only textile and garment manufacturing industry.

The previous net area of 36,000 square meters, 700 exhibitors from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, India, Pakistan, the United States, China, Chile, South Korea, Peru and other countries participated in the exhibition, opened 1282 The booths attracted audiences from 44 countries with over 180,000 visits and 20,500 domestic and foreign traders.

92% of buyers and buyers directly communicate with 75% of exhibitors to increase business scale and database. 65% of the exhibitors successfully traded directly on the site, and there is no need to follow up afterwards, reducing the cost of sales by approximately 50%. 91% of the exhibitors expressed their willingness to become loyal merchants at the show. This constitutes 2,500 well-known brands and more than 5,000 product lines. Participating in the exhibition of INTERMODA, the largest fashion and fabrics show in South America, is a shortcut to avoid entering textile quotas into the US market.

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