London International Winter Brand Clothing & Apparel Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

London International Winter Brand Clothing & Apparel Exhibition

PURE LONDON is a famous fashion show in Europe. It is jointly organized by British Emap Fashion and German Igedo. It has become a major event in European fashion industry. PURE LONDON London International Women's Wear Fair takes place twice a year. In February, it shows autumn and winter clothing. In July, it shows spring and summer clothing.

Inspiration and focus of cutting-edge design: The exhibition features 8 well-planned exhibition areas to cater to the purchasing needs of the consumer market in 2019/2020. PureLondon offers incomparable inspiration. Exhibitors will see the exhibitor never seen before. Trendy design. At the same time, there are free educational seminars and exciting live performances in the showroom.

The shortest way to find a target customer base: Pure London brings together all aspects of fashion procurement and manufacturing, from carefully selected international manufacturers and textile manufacturers, to high-quality UK and global buyers and brands all attending the event. Exhibitors no longer need to find a target customer base in the international market. At the Pure London show, exhibitors can get everything they want. According to official statistics, 80% of buyers sign an order during the show or purchase it after the show.

Biggest showgrounds: In the arena of Pure London, a 10,000+ high-calibre audience with more than 800 brand names, exhibitors will be in a unique and independent boutique, department store, department store, and online store. The main position for establishing a good cooperative relationship. Major retailers include: Fenwick, Harrods, Britain's top fabric brand Liberty, Italian luxury brand Bottega, and John Louise 

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