Japan Tokyo Fashion World Clothing Accessories and Shoes & Bags Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Japan Tokyo Fashion World Clothing Accessories and Shoes & Bags Exhibition

Tokyo Fashion World Fashion Accessories and Shoes & Fashion Bags (Fashion World) is one of Asia's leading trade fairs for clothing accessories and shoes and bags. Reed Exhibitions, the organizer of the exhibition, injects new elements into Fashion World every year. The original fashion accessories exhibition continues to expand the exhibition area. At the same time, the exhibition also featured fashion clothing exhibitions, Tokyo shoes exhibitions, Tokyo luggage, Tokyo men's wear, Tokyo fabrics, and OEM exhibitions.

Attracting more than 1,000 companies from 32 countries to participate in the exhibition. With the revitalization of the Japanese economy, the organizers increased their efforts to promote investment promotion. At Fashion World 2015, a new peak of growth was ushered in. The Autumn Fair 2015 attracted 25,000 visitors. Over the years, Japan has become one of the markets for apparel and apparel products worldwide, with a total market value of US$136.4 billion.

1. The scale continues to expand, and the number of exhibitors keeps steadily increasing at each session

Fashion World Tokyo is expanding its scale every year, and the number of exhibitors per session keeps increasing. And for exhibitors, this is a focus and negotiation to promote the successful trade fair between exhibitors and buyers.

2. Highly supported by leading figures in the Japanese apparel industry

Fashion World Tokyo continues to expand its scale, relying not only on exhibitors from all over the world, but also gaining support from the Japanese apparel industry and appealing to people who have a significant influence on the Japanese fashion industry.

3. Fast channel to negotiate cooperation with Japanese importers, retailers and distributors

Fashion World Tokyo is an effective and fast way for you to find Japanese importers, retailers, distributors and other partners.

4. Talk directly with Japanese manufacturers and agents about OEM/ODM (OEM)

Most Japanese fashion manufacturers and agents will participate in Fashion World Tokyo, looking for new products and foundry factories. If you want to expand your OEM/ODM business, please have your company prepare product and factory information and attend Fashion World Tokyo.

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