Indonesia Jakarta Garment, Textile Fabric Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Indonesia Jakarta Garment, Textile Fabric Exhibition

Indonesia's textile, clothing and accessories industries are experiencing unprecedented rapid development. This rapid growth rate has exceeded Indonesia's demand. It has become Indonesia's newly emerging large industrial sector that is drawing foreign exchange. The textile industry is an important industry in Indonesia. Of the 94 million employed people in Indonesia, 12% are concentrated in the manufacturing industry (about 11.3 million people), while the textile industry employs about 15% of the manufacturing industry (about 1.75 million people). With an indirect employment of 2 million people, the textile industry has earned an average of more than US$5 billion in Indonesia's foreign exchange earnings each year over the past 10 years. Indonesia's Ministry of Industry statistics, Indonesia's textile exports in 2008 amounted to 11 billion US dollars, up to 11.8 billion US dollars in 2009, Indonesia's textile exports in 2010 is expected to reach 13.88 billion US dollars, can earn a surplus of 11.7 billion US dollars, and look forward to 2010 2.25 million new jobs will be created, and 6.17 million jobs will be added in 2030. The textile industry has always been a major export contributor to Indonesia's oil and gas exports. Textiles and garments made in Indonesia are used for 70% of exports, and its two largest export markets are the United States and the European Union (about 60% of total exports).

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