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Brazilian Belo Textile Exhibition

The huge market potential of the Brazilian textile industry has not yet been released. It is full of opportunities and institutional challenges. In 2011, the total income of the Brazilian textile and apparel industry was 67 billion US dollars. The number of industrial enterprises is expected to be 30,000, and the number of employees is 1.7 million. The world's second largest denim producer and The third largest consumer country.

In Brazil, the per capita cotton consumption in 1990 was only 4.4KG, which has increased by 5.26KG last year. In the same period, the world's per capita cotton consumption increased from 3.52KG to 3.65KG.

According to customs statistics, in 2011, Brazil imported a total of 3.54 billion US dollars of textiles and clothing. The main imported varieties were chemical fiber/blend fabrics, chemical fiber/cotton woven garments, chemical fiber yarns, industrial/functional textiles, and accessories.

In 2011, Brazil imported a total of 3.54 billion US dollars of textiles and clothing from China, accounting for 55.5% of Brazil's total imports, fabrics increased by 23% year-on-year; clothing increased by 74%.

In the meantime, the total imports were ranked in India ($580 million), Indonesia ($357 million), the United States ($223 million), and Argentina ($205 million).

Due to the shifting fashion and lifestyle pursuits of the growing middle class in Brazil, there is a higher level and diversified demand for textiles and clothing. Although Brazil also owns the textile industry, its expensive employment costs and industrial chain The lack of cohesive support has great potential for market demand for medium and high-end products from China with excellent processing, original design and brand.

Exhibition Overview: “GTS Textile Sourcing Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil” is jointly organized by China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch – two of the most authoritative and powerful industry exhibition organizations, to understand the needs of the industry and grasp the hotspots of market;

Combining the excellent customer resources accumulated by many years of overseas exhibitions and domestic well-known textile exhibition projects, it provides a strong guarantee for the success of the exhibition.

All-round cooperation to maximize the global customer data resources. And cooperate with Brazilian local professional exhibition companies to lock the South American main customer base with high precision.

At present, the effective customer data has reached 57,000. The database will be further developed after the launch of the “GTS International Textile Purchasing Exhibition” marketing campaign, to expand the scope of data in a targeted manner, and to invite VIP international experts to invite others.

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