Berlin International Textile and Apparel Expo, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Berlin International Textile and Apparel Expo

The concept of ASIA APPAREL EXPO BERLIN at the German Textile and Apparel Fair provides Asian manufacturers with a proactive approach to showcasing a series of Asian-made high-quality garments and apparel exhibition and trade platforms to European buyers, allowing European buyers to save time for Asian purchases. cost. At the same time, participating Asian garment and accessories suppliers to further expand the European market. It is an excellent exhibition and trade platform designed for Asian garment manufacturers and fabric suppliers, allowing them to display and promote products directly to European buyers and fashion brands. Any buyers and traders who are interested in purchasing Asian-made garments and looking for co-productions by Asian garment manufacturers are welcome to visit Germany's Berlin textile and apparel, and to meet with a group of experienced Asian companies and companies that are keen to expand into the European market. A total of business opportunities.

The show proudly enters its 8th year. In 2019, it will continue to call on purely Asian-made and ready-to-wear products to bring together high-quality Asian fashion garment manufacturers and suppliers to present a wide range of products to buyers. Men's, women's, children's clothing, fabrics, textiles, clothing accessories and accessories.

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