2018 The 16th Ningbo International Textile Fabrics, Accessories and Yarn Exhibition, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

2018 The 16th Ningbo International Textile Fabrics, Accessories and Yarn Exhibition

Ningbo, the economic center and manufacturing center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, and the birthplace of modern clothing industry, Ningbo has formed a huge collection of suits, women's clothing, shirts, business wear, knitwear, children's wear, casual wear, cashmere clothing, and leather clothing. Industrial clusters, according to statistics, in 2014, Ningbo's textile and garment manufacturing enterprises achieved an industrial output value of more than 150 billion yuan. After decades of development, Ningbo has formed a huge group of apparel industry. It has 20 Chinese famous brands, 25 Chinese famous trademarks, and more than 3,000 registered apparel trademarks. Brand building continues to lead the country's number of apparel brands. Ranked first in the country, becoming China's largest garment production base and China's clothing brand, export clothing brand most cities.

Behind the development of Ningbo’s powerful apparel industry cluster is the huge demand for textile surface accessory yarns. As one of the largest brand apparel design, processing and production bases in China, the annual huge garment industry demands textile surface auxiliary yarns. More than 30 billion yuan. The huge market has provided businesses with unlimited business opportunities. The Ningbo textile surface accessories exhibition has been successfully held for 15 sessions, ranking the highest in similar exhibitions in Zhejiang. Due to the company's focus, the scale of the exhibition has been increasing year by year, and the influence has radiated the entire East China market. Dong Bo uses excellent industry resources and professional experience in running textile exhibitions for many years. Based in Ningbo and facing East China, the company is committed to hosting professional brand exhibitions. It is committed to building a more efficient business for the seamless integration of upstream and downstream of the textile and garment industry. Platform. Dongbo Exhibition Company will give full play to the advantages of professional exhibitions, provide more humane and professional services, and constantly push the exhibition to a new height.

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